Archive News Releases 2006

NCTO Letter, 12/08/06
“Textile Industry and Labor Officials Urge House and Senate to Reject Job-Destroying Haiti and AGOA Provisions”(PDF)
Haiti letter from Eight Senators (Lame Duck Eight) to House and Senate Leaders (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 11/13/06 “NCTO Board Votes Unanimously to Support Peru and Colombia FTAs”
11 10 06 Andean Textile and Apparel Letter Bush (PDF)
11 10 06 Andean Textile and Apparel Letter Hastert (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 10/19/06
“NCTO Board Votes Unanimously to Support Peru and Colombia FTAs”

NCTO Press Release, 9/29/06
“Government to Self-Initiate Dumping Cases Against Vietnam When Quotas Expire”

NCTO Press Release, 9/24/06

NCTO Press Release, 9/20/06

NCTO Press Release, 8/30/06
“Vietnam Now Second Largest Supplier to U.S. Market in Quota-Free Apparel Categories”

NCTO Press Release, 8/4/06
“Senate Passes CAFTA Fixes for Pocketing and Trouser Fabric Manufacturers”

NCTO Press Release, 7/27/06
“NCTO Applauds House Action on CAFTA Improvements that will Promote U.S. Textile Exports and Protect Jobs”

NCTO Testimony, 7/12/06
“NCTO Testimony on Vietnam – Submitted to the Senate Finance Committe”

Joint Press Release, 6/29/06
“U.S. House of Representatives Calls for USTR to Adhere to Textile Negotiating Objectives in WTO Talks”

NCTO Press Release, 6/23/06
“Absent WTO Action on Textile Sectoral, New Trade Stats Confirm China Will Take Over U.S. Apparel Market

Joint Press Release, 6/20/06
“Statement of U.S. Textile Industry on Shift in U.S. Policy on Textiles in the Doha Round”

Joint Press Release, 6/13/06
“U.S. Industry Lauds Congressional Call for Separate WTO Textile Negotiations and Vietnam Safeguard”
“Congressional Sectoral Vietnam Letter June 2006”

NCTO Press Release, 5/17/06
“NCTO Board Adopts New Resolutions on Trade Agreements at Annual Meeting”

NCTO Press Release, 5/14/06
“Vietnam WTO Agreement is Victory for Vietnam at the Expense of U.S. Textile Workers” (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 5/10/06
“NCTO Urges Quick Passage of Tax Reconciliation Package”

Joint Press Release, 3/23/06
“Textile Trade Associations Endorse Turkey’s Proposal for Separate Textile Negotiations Within WTO NAMA Talks” (PDF)
“Turkish Sectoral Proposal for Textiles”(PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 3/15/06
“NCTO Supports Legislation Requiring U.S. Department of Homeland Security to Source Textile and Apparel Products from U.S. Manufacturers”

NCTO Press Release, 3/2/06
“In 2005, China Moves Toward Monopolizing Non-Quota Apparel Categories in both U.S. and EU”

Statement of Cass Johnson- EU Textile Sectoral at WTO (PDF)

“U.S. textile industry testimony at WTO NAMA textile hearing held earlier today” (PDF)

A Comprehensive Analysis of Apparel Trade in Quota-Free Categories and Quota- Restrained Categories into the United States and European Union.

NCTO Press Release, 2/22/06


NCTO Press Release, 1/10/06

“NCTO’s 2005 Year-End Economic and Trade Review for the Textile Industry” (PDF)

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Archive News Releases 2005

NCTO Press Release, 12/22/05
NCTO Applauds Passage of Defense Authorization Bill

NCTO Press Release, 12/19/05
NCTO President Responds to Conclusion of Hong Kong Ministerial and Agreement to Provide Duty-Free Access for LDCs

NCTO Press Release, 12/15/05
Price Data Refutes LDC Coordinator Claim That African Exporters Will Not Suffer if Bangladesh is Granted Zero Duty/Zero Quota Textile Access

Industry Press Release, 12/15/05
TURKISH INDUSTRY Joins Western Hemisphere and African Textile and Apparel Groups in Warning that Unrestricted LDC Duty-Free/Quota-Free Textile Access Would Harm Turkish Exports (PDF)

Industry Press Release, 12/8/05
Members of Congress Call for United States to Oppose the E.U.-Led LDC Duty-Free, Quota-Free Initiative on Textiles and to Endorse Separate Textile Talks in Upcoming WTO Negotiations

NCTO Press Release, 12/7/05
Trade Groups from AFRICA Say Trade Preferences Must be Preserved in Hong Kong

NCTO Press Release, 12/5/05
NCTO Warns that LDC Duty-Free/Quota-Free Textile Provisions Could Destroy African, Middle Eastern and Western Hemisphere Trade Preferences (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 12/1/05
NCTO Decries Chinese Bailout of Textile Giant

NCTO Press Release, 11/29/05
NCTO Welcomes Spooner and Quesenberry Announcements

NCTO Press Release, 11/14/05
Trade Groups from NAFTA, CAFTA and ANDEAN Region Say Textile Sectoral is a “Must Have” in Doha Round

NCTO Press Release, 11/8/05
NCTO Applauds New 3-Year Bilateral With China

GAFTT Press Release, 10/28/05
GAFTT Position Paper – Special Textile Sectoral Approach(PDF)

Joint Press Release, 10/13/05
China Talks Collapse and Industry Announces Filing of New Safeguard Petition

GAFTT Press Release, 10/5/05
Global Alliance Calls for Special Textile Sectoral in WTO Doha Development Round Negotiations(PDF)

Joint Press Release, 9/29/05

Joint Press Release, 9/22/05
U.S. Industry Files New Petitions to Limit Textile and Clothing Imports from China (PDF)

Joint Press Release, 9/15/05
Citing Chinese Intransigence, U.S. Industry Files Petitions to Limit Textile and Clothing Imports from China in 2006 (PDF)

Joint Press Release, 8/31/05
U.S. Textile Industry Reacts to Failure of Textile Talks with China

Press Release, 8/15/05
NCTO Lays Out Five Steps to Long Term China Solution

Press Release, 8/1/05

Press Release, 7/28/05
NCTO Applauds Rep. Robin Hayes for Working with the Textile Industry to Enact Long Term Chinese Restraints

Press Release, 7/28/05
U.S. Textile Industry Praises Members of Congress Who Voted to Save U.S. Textile Jobs

Press Release, 7/28/05
Textile-State Members Provide Critical Margin in CAFTA Vote

Press Release, 7/25/05
NCTO Applauds Major Improvements in CAFTA that will Promote Textile Exports and Protect Textile Jobs

Joint Press Release, 7/11/05
U.S. Industry Files Petitions to Limit Textile and Clothing Imports from China

NCTO Press Release, 7/8/05
Chinese Apparel Exports Embargo in Just Six Weeks

NCTO Press Release, 7/1/05
NCTO and NCC Applaud Strong Textile And Cotton State Senate Support For CAFTA

NCTO Press Release, 6/10/05
April Trade Figures Show Actions by Government against China were Key to Saving Textile Jobs

Press Release, 5/27/05
U.S Textile Sector Calls for Enactment of DR-CAFTA (PDF)

Press Release, 5/19/05
U.S Textile Sector Calls for Enactment of DR-CAFTA

Press Relase, 5/18/05
Bush Administration Acts Again to Save Textile Jobs

Press Release, 5/13/05
NCTO Applauds Bush Administration Decision to Impose Safeguards on China

Press Release, 5/9/05

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole News Release, 5/2/05
Dole Urges U.S. Trade Representative to Meet DR-CAFTA Concern of Textile Industry

News Flash, 4/27/05
Appeals Case Allows Industry Safeguard Cases to Move Ahead NCTO Urges Government to Immediately Impose Safeguards

Joint Press Release, 4/6/05
U.S. Industry Files Seven Petitions to Limit Textile and Clothing Imports from China

NCTO Press Release, 4/4/05
NCTO Applauds Bush Administration Decision to Self-Initiate Safeguards Against China

NCTO Press Release, 4/1/05
NCTO Welcomes Release of Preliminary Monitoring Data

NCTO Press Release, 4/1/05
NCTO Celebrates First Year of Operations

NCTO News Release, 3/31/05
Massive Surge from China Continues in February (PDF)

Joint Press Release, 3/11/05
Textile and Apparel Imports from China Flood U.S. Market

Press Release and Letters from Congressman Robin Hayes, 3/8/05
Congressman Robin Hayes Questions U.S. Customs On Enforcement of Illegal Textile Transshipments

Press Release, 3/7/05
Massive Surge from China in January

Press Release and Letters from Senator Dole, 3/7/05

Press Release, 2/10/05
In 2004, Imports from China Stage Massive Surge as Import Share Hits 70% in Quota-Free Apparel Categories

Press Release, 2/3/05
Johnson Presents Testimony Before U.S. – China Commission Highlights Unfair Trade Practices as a Key Component to Addressing the China Problem

Joint Industry Resolution, 1/25/05
Joint Industry Resolution on behalf of Avondale Mills

NCTO 2005 Year-End Economic Report
Safeguards Help Improve Industry Outlook in 2004 – 2005 will be most important year in the history of textile and apparel trade


NCTO Statement, 1/3/05
NCTO statement on the imposition of a preliminary injunction by the Court of International Trade

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EX-IM Bank Chairman to Visit Two Textile Factories in North Carolina to Expand Focus on Industry Exports

EX-IM Bank Chairman to Visit Two Textile Factories in North Carolina to Expand Focus on Industry Exports, January 15, 2014

To highlight the commitment of the Obama Administration to create U.S. jobs by boosting exports, Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) Fred P. Hochberg will visit leading textile manufacturers Unifi and Frontier Spinning Mills in Greensboro, NC to learn about increasing textile exports and the unique financing needs of the textile industry.
Hochberg will meet with Unifi Chairman and CEO William Jasper and Frontier Spinning Mills CEO John Bakane as well as other company representatives. The event is open to all media, but advanced notice is requested due to security measures.
What: Unifi Factory Tour; Frontier Spinning Mills Factory Tour
Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Location: 170 Shakey Road Mayodan, NC 27027
Contact: To participate, or for more information please contact: Eliza Levy (202) 822-8028;
The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO), headquartered in Washington, DC with an office in Gastonia, NC, is the national trade association representing the entire spectrum of the textile sector. For more information about the U.S. textile industry, view NCTO’s website at

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