Brittany Global Technologies

1357 E Rodney French Boulevard
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02744
(508) 999-3281

NCTO Council: Fabric

The experience of working with Brittany is a pivotal part of what keeps our customers loyal and satisfied. We produce superior products, delivering at your convenience without sacrificing customer service. Our reputation for excellence, reliability and internal quality control has become the benchmark within the industry.

Established in 1939, Brittany has a wealth of knowledge to draw on and the expert skill-set to match. Our leadership, strengthened by our attention to detail enables us to set the standard within the specialty fabric industry. Continuously placing an emphasis on broadening our knowledge base and refining our product offering, we work to expertly serve our clientele.

At Brittany we pride ourselves on our ability to produce impressive outputs while maintaining a nimble structure. Our agile, yet thorough methodology, ensures industry compliance and quality results. Through the use of superior materials and the latest, most sophisticated equipment, we are able to optimize productivity with minimal overhead.